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IMA Festival of Mathematics, Manchester, 3rd-4th July 2014

MATHSWORLDUK was represented at this unique festival in the Alan Turing Building in the University of Manchester which was attended by over 500 students from secondary schools in Manchester and the North West. We had 2 large exhibits, Parabolic Bounces which we developed as a prototype in collaboration with Science Projects of Acton, and Pouring Pythagoras which we hired with encouragement from staff at Techniquest at Cardiff. We also had a smaller pilot exhibit Fractal Cubes, developed by a volunteer in co-ordination with the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds.

Summer Conferences 2014

MATHSWORLDUK will be represented at 2 conferences in September. One is the first meeting of MATRIX (Mathematics Awareness, Training, Resource, & Information Exchange) in Dresden, September 18-20th, which brings together mathematics museums and exploratoriums from all over the world; we are giving a paper on our progress. The second is ASDC (Association of Science Discovery Centres) which meets at the Royal Society on September 23rd-24th, where we will also be giving a presentation.