Leisure activities

Delegates were invited to attend one of two organized activities.

Some took a double-decker bus trip into the local Leeds countryside towards Harrogate and visited a country pub at Sicklinghall ‘The Scotts Arms‘.


Others visited the University Galleries in the Parkinson Building for an introduction by Laura Wilson (Learning and Engagement Officer) to Leeds University Library Galleries – the Treasures of the Brotherton and the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery. Delegates were then free to explore both galleries as well as the University Public Art Trail.


Delegates also had free time to visit Leeds and experience some of the history of the city, visit the city’s museums and galleries, and enjoy some of the wide range of cafes and restaurants that Leeds has to offer.

Those staying longer may have visited neighbouring places of interest including the City of York, Harewood House, Harrogate or the Bronte parsonage, or rambled in the local Yorkshire Dales countryside. The Visit Leeds, Visit Yorkshire and the official Yorkshire websites give helpful information to plan visits.