MWUK Special Appeal

A benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has promised to donate £125000 to MathsWorldUK, provided we can match fund this pound-for-pound within a year of this donation. We need to raise at least a further £125000 within the coming year to match this offer. The money raised will be used to kick-start a touring exhibition devoted entirely to mathematics and to applications of mathematics. We anticipate the overall research, development and construction of the exhibition will eventually cost upwards of £700000. We hope that it will be possible to get the exhibition up and running by the end of 2021, but this will depend on the generosity of all those willing to donate to this appeal. We appeal to individuals, industrial and commercial organizations, philanthropic foundations, and other interested parties to make donations for this development. To donate click here.

“What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?” – Stephen Hawking

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